Valentine's Day Gifts to Express Your Love

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RM22.00 instead of RM50.00:

Straits Quay: Set Meal at Oh Sushi Japanese Restaurant

RM50.00 RM22.00

coupon from Oh Sushi Japanese Restaurant Penang

RM48.00 instead of RM158.00:

Bayan Lepas: 1-Hr 15-Min Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

RM158.00 RM48.00

coupon from Cicérone Penang

RM15.00 instead of RM25.00:

2 Locations: Japanese Light Cheesecake at BreadKING

RM25.00 RM15.00

coupon from BreadKING Penang

RM42.00 instead of RM62.00:

Sunday High Tea Buffet at Sri Tanjung Cafe, The Royale Bintang Penang for 1 Person

RM62.00 RM42.00

coupon from Royale Bintang Penang - Sri Tanjung Cafe Penang

RM24.00 instead of RM40.00:

RM40 Cash Voucher for A La Carte Food and Drinks at Paprika Cuisine

RM40.00 RM24.00

coupon from Paprika Cuisine Penang

RM61.00 instead of RM95.40:

5-Course Meal for 4 People at Nine Thai Restaurant

RM95.40 RM61.00

coupon from Nine Thai Restaurant Penang

RM45.00 instead of RM256.00:

Gurney Plaza: Hydrating Facial and Back Treatment

RM256.00 RM45.00

coupon from De Feature Penang

RM72.00 instead of RM169.10:

Korean Pork Belly BBQ and Kimchi Hot Pot Meal at KO.B.Q for 4 People

RM169.10 RM72.00

coupon from KO. B. Q. Penang

RM78.00 instead of RM159.00:

2 Locations: 1-Hour Signature or Aromatherapy Massage at Deluxcious Spa Penang & Qin Spa

RM159.00 RM78.00

coupon from Deluxcious Spa Penang & Qin Spa Penang

RM30.00 instead of RM50.00:

RM50 Cash Voucher for À La Carte Food at Patio Bar de Tapas

RM50.00 RM30.00

coupon from Patio Bar de Tapas Penang

RM48.00 instead of RM100.00:

Georgetown: Imperial Chinese Cuisine Restaurant: Chinese Meal at Prangin Mall

RM100.00 RM48.00

coupon from Imperial Chinese Cuisine Restaurant Penang

RM50.00 instead of RM106.70:

3-Course Western Meal for 2 People at Eden @ Hutton Lane

RM106.70 RM50.00

coupon from Eden @ Hutton Lane Penang

RM25.00 instead of RM39.53:

Original Half Rack Pork Ribs at Chicago Rib House

RM39.53 RM25.00

coupon from Chicago Rib House Penang

RM16.00 instead of RM28.62:

Georgetown: Fried Pomfret Meal with Drink at Lemongrass Restaurant, Hotel NEO+

RM28.62 RM16.00

coupon from Lemongrass Restaurant Penang

RM68.00 instead of RM113.60:

Seberang Perai: Tambun Garden Restaurant: 5-Course Chinese Meal for 6 People

RM113.60 RM68.00

coupon from Tambun Garden Restaurant Penang

RM25.00 instead of RM34.70:

13 Locations: Kenny Rogers ROASTERS 3-Course Meal

RM34.70 RM25.00

coupon from Kenny Rogers ROASTERS Penang

RM45.00 instead of RM178.00:

Bukit Mertajam: 105-Minute Facial with Back Spa & Scrub

RM178.00 RM45.00

coupon from MKO Beauty Salon Penang

RM30.00 instead of RM50.00:

RM50 Cash Voucher for A La Carte Food & Drinks at Pinang Restaurant & Cafe

RM50.00 RM30.00

coupon from Pinang Restaurant & Cafe Penang

RM23.00 instead of RM31.72:

Queensbay Mall: Ramen & Fried Gyoza Meal at Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen

RM31.72 RM23.00

coupon from Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen Penang

RM88.00 instead of RM146.30:

Pen. M'sia: 425g Canned Abalones from Soon Thye Hang

RM146.30 RM88.00