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All Great Deals

RM22.00 instead of RM35.80:

Bukit Mertajam: Yi Xin: Fish / Pork Chop / Chicken Chop Meal with Drinks

RM35.80 RM22.00

coupon from Yi Xin Bakery Penang

RM36.00 instead of RM734.00:

2 Locations: Full Body Detox Massage with Back Treatment

RM734.00 RM36.00

coupon from Mimosa Beauty & Spa Care Penang

RM30.00 instead of RM50.00:

RM50 Cash Voucher for À La Carte Food at Patio Bar de Tapas

RM50.00 RM30.00

coupon from Patio Bar de Tapas Penang

RM49.00 instead of RM85.40:

Georgetown: Steamboat Meal for 4 People at Fu Er Dai BBQ Steamboat Restaurant

RM85.40 RM49.00

coupon from Fu Er Dai BBQ Steamboat Restaurant Penang

RM19.00 instead of RM44.30:

Queensbay Mall: Japanese Meal at Nippon Yataimura. 7-Course Meal with Drinks Available

RM44.30 RM19.00

coupon from Nippon Yataimura Penang

RM22.00 instead of RM50.00:

Straits Quay: Set Meal at Oh Sushi Japanese Restaurant

RM50.00 RM22.00

coupon from Oh Sushi Japanese Restaurant Penang

RM78.00 instead of RM123.00:

11 Locations: Reborn's Signature Massage with Cupping / Guasa

RM123.00 RM78.00

coupon from Reborn Penang

RM30.00 instead of RM40.00:

Prangin Mall: Game Tickets at Kidland

RM40.00 RM30.00

coupon from Kidland Penang

RM15.00 instead of RM25.00:

2 Locations: Japanese Light Cheesecake at BreadKING

RM25.00 RM15.00

coupon from BreadKING Penang

RM31.00 instead of RM41.60:

Georgetown: Seoul Garden: Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet at 1st Avenue Mall

RM41.60 RM31.00

coupon from Seoul Garden (1st Avenue) Penang

RM69.00 instead of RM168.00:

2 Locations: Massage with Foot Spa OR 4-Hour Medi Spa at Lisa Laviss

RM168.00 RM69.00

coupon from Lisa Laviss Penang

RM88.00 instead of RM290.00:

Bayan Lepas: L'Oréal Hair Chemical Service / Treatment

RM290.00 RM88.00

coupon from Harvest Hair Salon Penang

RM68.00 instead of RM170.28:

Dim Sum & Half Peking Duck Meal for 4 People at Zhonghua Gourmet Restaurant Cititel

RM170.28 RM68.00

coupon from Zhonghua Gourmet Restaurant Cititel Penang

RM20.00 instead of RM25.33:

Georgetown: Western Semi-Buffet at JT Restaurant

RM25.33 RM20.00

coupon from JT Restaurant Oriental & Western Cuisine Penang

RM188.00 instead of RM380.00:

1-Year Medium-Sized Safe Deposit Box Rental with Basic Insurance Coverage

RM380.00 RM188.00

coupon from Public Safe Management SDN BHD Penang

RM15.00 instead of RM55.00:

Bayan Lepas: Cut, Wash, & Blow. Hair & 5-Step Scalp Treatment Available

RM55.00 RM15.00

coupon from Legend Hair Studio Penang

RM45.00 instead of RM360.00:

Georgetown: 2-Hr Enzyme Facial and Eye Treatment at Cellnex-Suisse Cosmetology Lab

RM360.00 RM45.00

coupon from Cellnex Penang

RM38.00 instead of RM596.00:

Online: 1-Year Online Excel 2010 Course. Accounting Course Available

RM596.00 RM38.00

coupon from Penang

RM43.00 instead of RM50.00:

Nationwide: Marrybrown: Cash Voucher. Valid at All Outlets Nationwide

RM50.00 RM43.00

coupon from Marrybrown Penang

RM48.00 instead of RM100.00:

Georgetown: Imperial Chinese Cuisine Restaurant: Chinese Meal at Prangin Mall

RM100.00 RM48.00