Valentine's Day Gifts to Express Your Love

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All Great Deals

RM49.00 instead of RM760.00:

Online: Online Microsoft Office Course

RM760.00 RM49.00

coupon from Excel with Business Johor Bahru

RM48.00 instead of RM365.00:

5 Locations: 105-Minute Korean Hwangto Facial with Foot Spa or Hand Treatment

RM365.00 RM48.00

coupon from SKIN TOWN Johor Bahru

RM68.00 instead of RM276.00:

80-Minute Fu Yang Guan Massage with Full Body Scrub at Nardia for 1 Person

RM276.00 RM68.00

coupon from Nardia Johor Bahru

RM145.00 instead of RM233.20:

Skudai: 4-Course Meal at Vigneto Wine House

RM233.20 RM145.00

coupon from Vigneto Wine House Johor Bahru

RM68.00 instead of RM1,100.00:

Full Body Signature Weight Loss Program (9 Treatments in 4 Visits) at Bizzy Body for 1 Person

RM1,100.00 RM68.00

coupon from Bizzy Body Johor Bahru

RM35.00 instead of RM60.00:

RM60 Cash Voucher for À La Carte Food and Drinks at The Reference Book Cafe

RM60.00 RM35.00

coupon from The Reference Book Cafe Johor Bahru

RM48.00 instead of RM600.00:

16 Locations: Men's Intensive Stomach Slimming Program at Bizzy Body

RM600.00 RM48.00

coupon from Bizzy Body Johor Bahru

RM25.00 instead of RM45.20:

Johor Bahru: Saturday Hi-Tea Buffet at Nelayan Café, Hotel Selesa

RM45.20 RM25.00

coupon from Nelayan Cafe Johor Bahru

RM43.00 instead of RM50.00:

Nationwide: Marrybrown: Cash Voucher. Valid at All Outlets Nationwide

RM50.00 RM43.00

coupon from Marrybrown Johor Bahru

RM45.00 instead of RM95.95:

Johor Bahru: Tera-Thai Fine Dine Restaurant: 5-Course Thai Meal

RM95.95 RM45.00

coupon from Tera-Thai Fine Dine Restaurant Johor Bahru

RM24.00 instead of RM40.00:

5 Locations: RM40 Cash Voucher for All Food and Drinks at BBQ Chicken

RM40.00 RM24.00

coupon from BBQ Chicken Johor Bahru

RM28.00 instead of RM41.80:

Country Garden Danga Bay: Cake and Drinks at Insomnia Cafe

RM41.80 RM28.00

coupon from Insomnia Cafe (Country Garden) Johor Bahru

RM17.00 instead of RM28.90:

Johor Bahru: 10 Bowls of Thai Boat Noodles + Appetiser at Appethaizing Boat Noodle

RM28.90 RM17.00

coupon from Appethaizing Boat Noodle Johor Bahru

RM58.00 instead of RM97.90:

Western Herb Chicken Jumbo Set for 4 People at X Club

RM97.90 RM58.00

coupon from aceXclusive Club Sdn Bhd Johor Bahru

RM35.00 instead of RM50.00:

RM50 Cash Voucher for À la Carte Food & Drinks at Charcoal Wok (碳炉)

RM50.00 RM35.00

coupon from Charcoal Wok (碳炉) Johor Bahru

RM60.00 instead of RM100.00:

Komtar JBCC: RM100 Cash Voucher at Arashi Shabu Shabu

RM100.00 RM60.00

coupon from Arashi Shabu Shabu Johor Bahru

RM50.00 instead of RM114.50:

Weekday 3-Course Western Lunch for 2 People at Gran Fiesta

RM114.50 RM50.00

coupon from Gran Fiesta Johor Bahru

RM38.00 instead of RM82.70:

Johor Bahru: 2-Course Western Meal with Drinks for 2 or 4 People at T.House Bistro & Cafe

RM82.70 RM38.00

coupon from T.House Bistro & Cafe Johor Bahru

RM20.00 instead of RM46.60:

Johor Bahru: Pizza & Iced Fusion Tea Set Meal at T.House Bistro and Cafe

RM46.60 RM20.00

coupon from T.House Bistro & Cafe Johor Bahru

RM35.00 instead of RM50.00:

RM50 Cash Voucher for A la Carte Food & Drinks at King Catfish 泥鳅王

RM50.00 RM35.00